pull (two-word verbs)

pull sb/sth about -тащить, бесцеремонно обращаться
He pulled the old lady about.

pull sth/sb apart – рвать, разрывать, разламывать, растаскивать
Nick pulled the parts of the box apart.
The teacher pulled the fighting boys apart and sent them home.
Don’t let this matter pull you apart. Things won’t always be this bad.

pull sth down – сносить
The old building is going to be pulled down.

pull in – прибывать
The express from Rome pulled in on time.
– съезжать на обочину
The lorry driver pulled in to a side of the road.

pull sb in – привлекать кого-то
The new play at the theatre pulled in large audiences.

pull oneself in – втянуть живот
These trousers don’t fit unless I pull myself in

pull sth off – добиться успеха, справиться
I never thought he’d able to pull the plan off.

pull out (of)- объезжать, обгонять
The driver of the car pulled out from behind the lorry.
– выезжать
The train pulled out of Euston on time.

pull (sb) out (of) – отступать, оставлять, отзывать
Troops are being pulled out of these troubled areas.

pull (sth) over- уступать дорогу, съехать в сторону
Pull over and let me pass!

pull (sb) round- восстанавливаться после болезни
He was very ill, but he pulled round.

pull through – преодолевать трудности
We’ve had to declare bankruptcy, but I’m sure we’ll pull through.

pull sb through – помогать преодолеть трудности, болезнь
All her friends worked hard to pull her through the crisis.
The vet worked hard to pull the cat through the illness.

pull together – собирать вместе, сопоставлять
Once we pull together all the facts, we’ll understand the situation.
– делать совместные усилия
If we pull together, I’m sure we’ll meet our quota.

pull oneself together – контролировать свои чувства
Don’t panic! Try and pull yourself together.

pull (sth) up – притормозить
The driver pulled up when he came to the traffic lights.

pull sb up – выражать неодобрение
He was pulled up by the chairman.
– останавливаться
They pulled up in front of the door.

pull up with sb/sth – вырываться вперед
She was behind at the start, but she quickly pulled up
The favourite soon pulled up with the other horses.

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