enjoy, love, like, dislike, can’t stand, hate (doing)
He enjoys sitting in the sun.
I like swimming.
She can’t stand seeing him at home all day.
He hates having to ask his parents for money.

be afraid of, be terrified of, be frightened of, be scared of (doing)
She’s afraid of flying.
He’s terrified of having nothing to do.
He’s frightened of applying for a job.
She’s scared of living on her own in a big city.

be tired, be bored with, be fed up with, be interested in (doing)
I’m tired of sitting around the house.
He was bored with doing the same thing day after day.
She’s fed up with queuing for it.
I’m interested in learning a new skill.

begin, start, stop, give up, keep (doing)
Begin taking  the plates to the customers.
He started working when he was 16.
I’m trying to stop smoking.
He stopped drinking three years ago.
She’s almost given up looking for a job.
We must keep trying.

spend time (doing) smth
He spends all his time reading comics.
mind (doing)
Would you mind opening the window?
Take your time. I don’t mind waiting.

get used to (doing)
When I first visited Britain I couldn’t get used to driving on the left.
be used for (doing) smth
A kettle is used for boiling water.
remember (doing)
I remember learning to drive.

excuse someone for (doing)
He excused me for being late.

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