to (do)

hope, agree, refuse, plan, offer to (do)
I hope to see you again soon.
She agreed to lend him some money.
Nobody else refused to move.
They are planning to build a house on this site.
The Council offered to provide them with new flats nearby.

want, would like, intend, expect, promise to (do)
Where do you want to go?
We would like to hear your side of the story.
The police don’t intend to prosecute her.
He expects to win the gold medal.
They have promised to give her a modern flat.

manage, decide, demand, need, arrange to (do)
The pilot managed to escape unhurt.
She has decided to speak to us but she has demanded to see me alone.
I need to have a company.

They have arranged to provide a new flat for her.

threaten, have, be going to (do)
They have threatened to cut off the water and electricity.
They have threatened to sack me.
The police will have to do something soon.
What are you going to do’?
seem to (do)
She seemed to be very happy there.
remember, forget to (do)
They remembered to bring some tins, but they forgot to bring a tin-opener.
try to (do)
Try to find out why.
wait to (do)
We have been waiting all week to hear from you.
fail , persuade someone to (do)
They are angry I have failed to persuade you to buy a subscription.
implore someone to (do)
I implore you to reconsider.

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