Phrases with superlatives

to do your best – сделать все, что в (ваших) силах
I promise to do all my best.
to fear the worst – опасаться наихудшего
There was no news for several hours and they began to fear the worst.
to try your hardest – очень постараться
Although she tried her hardest she failed the exam.
to look your best/ worst –  выглядеть отлично /отвратительно
I never look my best at night.
to feel your best/ worst – чувствовать себя лучше/ хуже всего
The person who makes me feel my best, also makes me feel my worst.
to think the best/ worst of…- думать о самом лучшем / худшем
He always thinks the best of everyone he meets.
to hope for the best – надеяться на лучшее
I’m an optimist. I always hope for the best.

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