Two-word verbs: О — S

own up – откровенно признаваться
Whoever did this had better own up.
pay up –  заплатить
You own me £10. You’d better pay up!
pick up – подцепить, познакомиться
He went to the dance hoping to pick up a girl.
play down – преуменьшать
He’s very modest. He’s trying to play down his success.
pop in –  заглядывать, навещать
Pop in and see me when you have time.
rule out  – исключать
I can’t rule out the possibility of redundancies.
show off – выпендриваться
She likes to show off.
show up – появляться
Nobody showed up for the party.
shut up – заткнуться
Shut up!
slip up – ошибиться
I slipped up when I thought she was his daughter.
speak out – высказаться
If you don’t agree you should speak out.
speak up – заступиться, поддержать, высказываться
His teacher spoke up for him.
split up – расстаться
John and Mary have split up.
stick out – продолжать
Can you stick it out?
sum up – суммировать
He summed up the argument.

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