Instead of “very”

Чем можно заменить «very»:

  • Your language is very rude. — VULGAR
  • I don’t like your very rude tone. — VULGAR
  • We’ve had a very short conversation. — BRIEF
  • The class is very boring today. — DULL
  • Merriam is a very stupid person. — DULL
  • The script is very good. — AWESOME
  • The documentation is very good. — PERFECT
  • This solution is very good. — BRILLIANT
  • You have a very good point on this incident. — UNIQUE
  • It’s very very cold outside. — FREEZING
  • Oh, I’m very hungry! — RAVENOUS
  • His very slow reaction makes me feel angry. — SLUGGISH
  • He drives very fast so that I can’t catch up with him. — RAPIDLY
  • I’m very tired of this conversation. — EXHAUSTED
  • After the divorce I became very poor. — DESTITUTE
  • My husband is a very rich person. — WEALTHY
  • My coffee is very very hot! Don’t touch it! — SCALDING
  • The weather is very hot in here. — SCORCHING
  • SCALDING — for liquids,
  • SCORCHING — for weather.

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