Other Englishes

US or American English

Australian English  (укорачивают слова, затем добавляют –ie или -o)

Australian English British English
Oz Australia
smoko (from smoking) tea or coffee break
milko milkman, deliver the milk
journo journalist
uni university
mozzies mosquitoes
barbie barbecue
bizzo business
arvo afternoon
beaut beautiful

Indian English (более формальный, используют слова из классики XIX века)

Indian English British English
bereave condole
felicitate congratulate
bosom chest
miscreant bandit
abscond flee
nad catch
bag capture, obtain
Eve-teaser man who annoys girls
common man general public
fleetfoots plimsolls, sneakers
undertrials people awaiting trial
wearunders underwear


Scottish English British English
aye yes
ben mountain
brae bank (of the river)
dram drink (whisky)
glen valley
kirk church
loch lake
to mind to remember
bairn child
bonny beautiful
burn stream
stay live
dreich dull
janitor caretaker
lassie girl
outwith outside
ken know
wee small


Black English British English
dreadlocks Rastafarian hairstyle
chick girl
jam improvise
rap street-talk
beat exhausted
dig understand
pad bed
square dull

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