because, although, though, even though, as

Because – потому что
He took his umbrella because it was raining.
Он взял свой зонт, потому что шёл дождь.

Although, though –  хотя, несмотря на…
Although ( though) it wasn’t raining, he took his umbrella.
Он взял свой зонт, хотя не было дождя.

Although и though – практически равнозначны, though чаще используется в разговорной речи.

Even though – чтобы подчеркнуть контраст, “даже не смотря на то…”
Even though he wrote three letters, he didn’t get a reply.

As – так как, потому что
I chose the house wine, as this is often the best way to judge a restaurant’s wine list.

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