Three-word verbs

back out of – отказаться от
You promised you’d help. You can’t back out of it now!
be up to – проказничать, озорничать
I’d better check and see what the kids are up to you know there’s always trouble when they’re alone.
carry on with продолжать
Don’t let me interrupt you carry on with your work.
cash in on – наживаться на чём-то
It’s a wonderful business idea. You’d better  cash in on it before someone else thinks of it!
catch up on – догонять, наверстывать по срокам
I’m so far behind with work. I’ll have to work late until I’ve caught up on it.
check up on – проверять, наводить справки, расследовать
The police have been been checking up on him.  They want to know where his money comes from.
come down with – заболевать (простудой, гриппом)
I came down with influenza just before my holiday.
come in for – пострадать, получать
The government has come in for a lot of criticism recently.
come up against – столкнуться с чем-то
I’ve come up against a lot of problems recently.
cut down on – снизить потребление (чего-то)
I’m going to cut down on smoking.
do away with – избавиться, покончить с
I hear they’re going to do away with the Imperial measurements completely.
face up to – столкнуться с…, предстать перед…
If they catch him, he’ll have to face up to the penalties.
fall behind with отставать
Yes, I’ve fallen behind with work, too.
get awayизбежать наказания, удаваться не быть пойманным
They reckon he’s committed several robberies and so far  he’s got away with all of them.
get on with – хорошо ладить друг с другом
Jane and I get on with each other very well.
go back onне сдержать обещания
But you promised! You can’t go back on your word.
go in for – принимать участие
No, thanks. I’ve never gone in for football.
hold out for – продолжать борьбу или спор за…
The workers are on strike. They’re holding out for better conditions.
join in with – присоединиться к…
Come on! Join in with us, we’re having a great game of football.
keep out of – избегать
Look, try and keep out of trouble, if you can!
live up to – оправдывать чьи-то ожидания
It’s difficult for him to live up to his parents’ expectations.
look back on – думать, вспоминать о прошлом
I often look back on my schooldays.
look down on – смотреть свысока
He’s a terrible snob. He looks down on everyone.
look forward to – ожидать с нетерпением
I’m looking forward to my holiday.
make up for – компенсировать
Smith was in prison for 3 years before they found out he was innocent. Nothing can make up for that lost time.
put up with  – терпеть, мириться с
I can’t put up with his rudeness any longer!
run out of – заканчиваться
Oh, no. I’ve run out of petrol, and it’s miles to a garage.
send away for – написать, чтобы попросить
It’s mail order. I sent away for it.
walk out on – покидать, оставлять
He walked out on his wife and family.
write off for – заказывать (товары) по почте
Give me the address. I’ll write off for one, too.